Blogpost 8

This week, for my final blogpost before the visual essay, I am going to discuss how others in my class have contributed to my learning throughout this module; and how I have possibly influenced their learning. Over the course of past 8 weeks we have been able to interact with a variety of different resources in order to aid our learning.

The first method I am going to talk about is the ‘blog buddies’. As part of the module, each week we were asked to read and comment on 2 other people’s blogposts from within the class – these were our ‘blog buddies’. The 2 people in my group were Jade and Ella. I found this task to be very effective throughout my own personal learning experience. Through reading the different blogposts it allowed me, at times, to see the same topic we had discussed in class from a different angle or viewpoint; and it enhanced any previous knowledge I had of the subject as well. I found it very useful to be able to read other people’s opinions on the same subject I had written about and how their own personal experiences related to this topic. The peer evaluations after each blogpost also aided my learning further as they consisted of positive and constructive feedback which helped me to develop my blogposts each week. In addition to this, commenting on Jade and Ella’s blogposts, gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts and analyse the different viewpoints discussed. I hope that any constructive feedback I gave helped Jade and Ella, as I found it beneficial to read what others thought of what I had written and some good points raised through these peer evaluations.

The other thing that I found useful throughout this Digital Economy module was the use of the social media site Twitter. At the beginning of the module, the class created the hashtag #LLWDE, to use when we were ‘tweeting’ about the topics discussed each week. Our tutor, Cristina Costa, used Twitter as a way of communicating with us and provided us with some links to interesting resources that we could look at. She also asked other academics to provide us with some guidelines to help with our blogpost topics and some suggestions of what area to focus on. I found this very beneficial throughout the course and at many times used it as a starting point when writing my blogposts. I definitely feel it has contributed to my progress throughout this module and it also gave me another outlook on Twitter. Before I started this Digital Economy class, I merely used Twitter to talk about random events, like who won The X Factor; but now I realise that there is a whole other side to Twitter and it can actually be used to aid learning for myself and others. Through sharing content and resources, Twitter has played a big role in my development and understanding of this module.



Overall, this module has been very interesting and has definitely given me a broader insight into Living, Learning and Working in the context of Digital Economy. From writing blogposts, to peer evaluations, to tweeting; these tools have influenced my learning and also gave me the chance to contribute to others’ learning as well.


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Ella Watson |

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